A Century of Investing in Downtown

By Adam Vlach
Photos by Rachel Lock Photography

00152746Excitement about a revitalized downtown continues to escalate with the promise of new businesses and entertainment opportunities for people in Topeka. Both private companies and the city itself are making a significant investment in downtown Topeka. Pocket parks dot the sidewalk along Kansas Avenue; updated infrastructure brings businesses into the 21st century; and a contagious buzz of anticipation fills the air.

While the prospect of new and exciting businesses is the talk of the town, there are several businesses that have been investing in Topeka for nearly a century— through the ups and the downs. Businesses that fell and got back up from the Great Depression. Businesses that made it through World War II, the Vietnam War and the Cold War. Businesses that survived the economic recession that started in 2008. These longtime businesses have been in downtown Topeka for the good times and the bad, and they are truly its heart and soul.

Briman’s Leading Jewelers

Wolfe’s Camera Shop

Topeka Blueprint & Supply Co.