fhrBy Jamie Slack
Photos by David Vincent

Reacting to the increasing demand for retail stores downtown, Lenora’s husband, Theodis Williams, opened a men’s clothing boutique last year. Because clothing is a large part of our identity, most people continually search for a style that reflects their personality. Men often get overlooked in the world of fashion, but Theodis Williams, who just happens to be Lenora’s husband, wanted to change that. He applied his unique talents of making men feel great in a beautiful suit and flashy tie to open the Distinqué Gentleman, a men’s clothing boutique at 112 SE 7th St., just a few doors down from his wife’s store. His store has a collection of shoes, suits, accessories and an in-house tailor to ensure every item fits perfectly. And Theodis always makes sure he is putting his best fashion foot forward.

Distinque Gentlemen 1“My wife tells me all the time, ‘You are your best advertiser,’” Theodis said.

Sometimes men have no idea what they are looking for, and that is when they turn to Theodis for fashion advice. His enthusiasm for clothes and accessories is infectious.

Now that the Distinqué Gentleman has been in place for nearly a year, Theodis says he is up for any challenge or opportunity that may lie ahead. With all of the excitement centered on downtown Topeka, Theodis says more people are finding his store.

“When a person comes to the capital city, they ought to be able to come downtown and find a nice shop, a nice restaurant, a nice bar if they want to go out and have a drink,” Theodis said. “Downtown should be a hub of the city. It should always have something to offer.”

Distinque Gentlemen 2He wants his store to add to the excitement that is attracting people downtown. He hopes the selection and service offered in his store will help convince customers to shop in town before going somewhere else.

“Many people will go down the highway to Kansas City to find something that they can find right here,” Theodis said. “Whether it’s a lawyer that wants a nice tailored suit or it’s a minister who wants a classic set-up, those items can be found in Topeka.”