Bountiful Boutique: HEAVENLY CREATIONS



By Jamie Slack
Photos by 
David Vincent

Heavenly Creations owner Lenora Williams always wanted to make people feel beautiful and felt she had a talent for doing so. A cosmetologist entrepreneur, she operates a hair and nail salon in her downtown location, but takes beauty one step farther. She also offers beautiful evening gowns and leisurewear lines for many occasions.

Heavenly 1“People would always say to me, ‘You’re going to do something with hair or clothes,’ and I did both,” Lenora said.

For many business owners, a catalyst propels them into the business world whether they are ready or not. Lenora began her career working out of her home so she could care for her ailing father and three adopted girls.

“I wanted to be there for them,” she said.

Working from home allowed her to set her own hours while still doing what she does best—making people feel beautiful.

Heavenly 2Having operated her salon and clothing boutique for 23 years, Lenora was debt free when she opened her new location at 116 SE 7th St. four years ago.

“In my case, it was really easy because I started out of my home,” Lenora said. “I didn’t have to worry too much about financing the business.”

She says she loves being downtown where the excitement is palpable. And with new businesses opening up around her, she is looking at how to grow her own business.

“With the revision of the downtown, we have investors that are buying everything,” Lenora said. “I’m trying to get a feel for what their plans are so I know where to go next.”