Branding Yourself


KNOW YOURSELF. Stacks is authentically friendly and passionate about what they do, and being exceptional, trustworthy and forward-thinking are their top priorities. This gives Stacks a foundation to build their brand on. Owners Cheryl Creviston and Tyler Conway say the Stacks brand feels like “we have always been Stacks; we just peeled off the Jayhawk that was hiding the real us.”

  • TAKEAWAY Choose a few words that you believe describe you or your company well, such as: Fun, Bold, Traditional, Trustworthy, Modern, Passionate, Approachable, Exclusive, or Simple. You can choose words that your company aspires to be if you are actively moving toward them. Complete the sentence, “I am in the process of becoming…”

KNOW YOUR TARGET. The name Stacks alludes to the stacks of records the company stores and stacksmanages for clients, and stacks of cash they save their customers. While their campaign is fun, appealing to the individuals who will want to work with them, the brand is confident and trustworthy in an industry where security and attention to detail is critical.

  • TAKEAWAY Identify who you want to work with most and narrow your target. Remember, appealing to everyone is appealing to no one. Decide who you want your brand to resonate with and craft your look, feel and messages for them.

BE YOURSELF. Stacks trains its couriers to “melt” the receptionist when they walk into a customer’s office.  Making the gatekeeper their friend serves the customer well because that person can help a Stacks team member serve the customer more efficiently.  This concept led to their campaign, “File Happy,” featuring over-the-top emotional responses to mundane services that Stacks makes exceptional, eliciting pure joy from their customers.  This works for Stacks because it’s true.  In fact, they have a wall of letters from delighted customers.

  • TAKEAWAY Today’s savvy consumers can spot a phony. Authenticity attracts. Honesty is always in style. Brand yourself around what you do that is meaningfully unique from your competition, and make that the star of your marketing.

BE CONSISTENT. The sides of every new Stacks truck is a consistent, bold impression. Each backend features a unique brand impression, packed with personality. Look for the Stacks fleet, on the road between Topeka and their new Kansas City location.

  • TAKEAWAY Take advantage of every opportunity to incorporate your brand personality into your communications. Use your email signature, your bio, your website, signs, sponsorships, trade show booths, PR and advertising. Make sure visuals and messages are consistent and adhere to brand standards and tone.