Business Growth: 2018 Fall Issue

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Last Word: Brent Trout, Topeka City Manager

Brent Trout shared his thoughts about the city’s growth, opportunities and goals with TK. Where do you see Topeka heading in the next few years? Topeka is moving in a positive…

Kristen Brunkow O'Shea

The Future of People in the Workplace

WE’VE ALL HEARD IT, the workplace is changing rapidly. What does this really mean? Johnny Taylor, CEO of Society for Human Resource Management, shows the different workplace eras: hunter-gatherer, agricultural, industrial,…

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The Heart of the Entrepreneur: Paradise Donuts

By KAREN RIDDER Photos by DAVID VINCENT DONUTS WERE NOT the first choice for entrepreneur Keith Berry, but they have been making him successful—and happy. The owner of Paradise Donuts at…

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Navigating Government Contracts

By KIM GRONNIGER Photos by BRITTANY JORAE’ PUSCH-ZUNIGA From trash collection to cyber intelligence and aerial surveys, the U.S. government purchases a variety of goods and services to keep the country…

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Taking on Opioids

By LISA LOEWEN Photos by BRITTANY JORAE PUSCH-ZUNIGA More than 115 people in the United States die each day after overdosing on opioids— including prescription pain relievers, heroin and synthetic…

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How to Create Products and Services Customers Want

By LESLIE FLEURANGES ALTHOUGH YOUR FAMILY and friends are great—they are probably not your target consumer. You need to identify your customers and find out if your product solves a problem…

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Multilevel Marketing

By KATHY WEBBER Photos by EMMA HIGHFILL Over a lifetime, most people will come into contact one way or another with someone involved in a multilevel marketing business. Perhaps a…

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Data Analytics Informs the Metro Bike Program

By PAMELA J. SCHMIDT, PhD. PARTNERING WITH WASHBURN: HIGH IMPACT COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT PRACTICE (HICEP) In late Fall 2016, Dr. Pamela Schmidt’s Washburn University School of Business students began a pilot…


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Dog Church

From Life to the Page

By ADAM VLACH Nothing makes the challenges of life a little less challenging than learning from those who have gone before us. The same, no doubt, can be said for the…