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brain freeze

Brain Freeze

What was I thinking? A client hired me to deliver a keynote speech, so I planned the trip, prepared my speech, packed my bag, jumped in my truck and headed…

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How to pay more than lip service to your brand

Many financial institutions struggle with differentiating themselves in this commodity-mindset industry. “We need a new slogan,” they say. And, “let’s talk about our great service.” Service is not a position…


What tourist-y restaurants can teach banks about being sticky

I was a tourist in Branson, MO recently and as to be expected, had some sub-par experiences in the crowded restaurants. Many seemed perfectly happy offering mediocre food and sticky…


How to develop a backup storage plan for your business

With storage being cheap and plentiful, SMBs process more data than ever before. It also means that loss of such data can hit the business hard in the hip pocket….


Atma Clinic: Concierge Medicine

By Lisa Loewen Photo by Rachel Lock Provided by Envista Ask most doctors why they chose medicine as a career, and they will likely respond, “I wanted to help people.” …

Mark Reinert

The second cure for a lean purse…

Continuing the story from our previous post, the wealthy Arkad from George Clason’s “The Richest Man in Babylon” was sharing his formula in what he called “The 7 cures for…


Farm to Table: REES FRUIT FARM

By Kim Gronniger Photo by JD Melton Rees Fruit Farm has been providing fruits and vegetables to people in northeast Kansas since 1901 and continues to evolve as trends shift….


Farm to Table: OATIE BEEF

By Kim Gronniger Photo by JD Melton The inspiration for Oatie Beef struck Dallas Picolet as he watched a television commercial touting the health benefits of a humble bowl of oatmeal. He…


Farm to Table: THE WHITE LINEN

By Kim Gronniger Photo by JD Melton Adam VanDonge loves to listen to Mozart, Sinatra, and Beethoven as he puts his culinary school and country club training to work preparing entrees as…



By Kim Gronniger Photo by JD Melton At the RowHouse Restaurant, patrons might find proprietor Greg Fox snipping basil from the backyard garden for a seasonal signature cocktail or preparing an entrée…