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Mark Reinert

The fourth cure for a lean purse…

The fourth cure for a lean purse… By Mark Reinert “Make thy gold multiply” implored Arkad, the wealthy sage in George Clason’s wonderful story “The Richest Man in Babylon.”  This…


How social engineering attacks have embraced online personas

Discover the extent to which attackers will go to plan social engineering attacks. Nick Lewis explains how the progression of threats is changing how we monitor social media. Nick Lewis…

Mark Reinert

The third cure for a lean purse…

By Mark Reinert Picking up where we left Arkad, the wealthy subject of George Clason’s “The Richest Man in Babylon,” the second of “The 7 cures for a lean purse”…


What tourist-y restaurants can teach banks about being sticky

I was a tourist in Branson, MO recently and as to be expected, had some sub-par experiences in the crowded restaurants. Many seemed perfectly happy offering mediocre food and sticky…


How to develop a backup storage plan for your business

With storage being cheap and plentiful, SMBs process more data than ever before. It also means that loss of such data can hit the business hard in the hip pocket….

Mark Reinert

The second cure for a lean purse…

Continuing the story from our previous post, the wealthy Arkad from George Clason’s “The Richest Man in Babylon” was sharing his formula in what he called “The 7 cures for…

Tara interviews Jake Schmidtlein with Heartland Motorsports Park

TK Live January 28th, 2018   Jake Schmidtlein, Heartland Motorsports Park, General Manager


TK Business Live talks with Misty Kruger, Topeka Public Schools and Jennifer Kirmse, Topeka Independent Business Association, Chair

TK Live January 21st, 2018 Misty Kruger, Topeka Public Schools, Director of Communications Jennifer Kirmse, Topeka Independent Business Association, Chair


Checkout this weeks TK Business Live, sponsored by Topeka Independent Business Association

Tara interviews Erik Evans with Envista Credit Union and Clayton Devlin with Devlin’s Wine and Spirits on this weeks TK Business Live. Erik Evans, Envista Credit Union, Manager of Business Services…


If you missed the December 31st, TK Business Live, click below to hear Tara interview Tom Underwood and Alice Weingartner.

TK Live December 31st, 2017 Thomas Underwood, NOTO Arts District, Executive Director Alice Weingartner, GraceMed Health Clinic, Director of Community Development