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How to pay more than lip service to your brand

Many financial institutions struggle with differentiating themselves in this commodity-mindset industry. “We need a new slogan,” they say. And, “let’s talk about our great service.” Service is not a position…

Mark Reinert

The second cure for a lean purse…

Continuing the story from our previous post, the wealthy Arkad from George Clason’s “The Richest Man in Babylon” was sharing his formula in what he called “The 7 cures for…


Economy Trends: The Good, the Bad, the Bubble, and the Downright Crazy

By Rob Weigand, Ph.D. Current conditions and future trends in the U.S. economy and financial market. The U.S and global stocks continue to be the standout performers and thus have…


Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Implications

By Brian Lang SS&C Solutions, Inc. On December 22, 2017, President Trump signed into law the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” a substantial update to the income tax code and…

Tara interviews Jake Schmidtlein with Heartland Motorsports Park

TK Live January 28th, 2018   Jake Schmidtlein, Heartland Motorsports Park, General Manager


TK Business Live talks with Misty Kruger, Topeka Public Schools and Jennifer Kirmse, Topeka Independent Business Association, Chair

TK Live January 21st, 2018 Misty Kruger, Topeka Public Schools, Director of Communications Jennifer Kirmse, Topeka Independent Business Association, Chair


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Tara interviews Erik Evans with Envista Credit Union and Clayton Devlin with Devlin’s Wine and Spirits on this weeks TK Business Live. Erik Evans, Envista Credit Union, Manager of Business Services…


It’s time to go on the offense with your IT security

Cybersecurity is now a game of attack, not defense It’s said that the best defense is a good offense. This is particularly true in cybersecurity, where the average cost of…


A massive repository containing more than 1.4 billion stolen credentials was found on the dark web with special features for malicious actors.

by Peter Loshin, Site Editor SearchSecurity, Published Dec. 12, 2017 Researchers found a massive repository of cleartext stolen credentials on the dark web that is the largest of its kind….



Ben Tenpenny Capital City Bank In its mission statement, the Small Business Administration (SBA) states its purpose has always been to help Americans start, build and grow businesses. TO AID…