Business Growth: Human Resources

3 kinds of hoarding that smother your brand

By Martha Bartlett-Piland, MB Piland Advertising + Marketing Look into the proverbial closet of your organization. Chances are, there are a few habits or tactics you know you need to…

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From groan to great: make your next retreat the best yet

By Martha Bartlett-Piland, MB Piland Advertising + Marketing Be honest: have you ever heard an employee (sincerely) say “OH cool—I’m so excited!” when you announced a staff retreat? For many,…


Surviving Introversion at Work

Jordan Mayfield, LMSW, LAC Valeo Outpatient Psychotherapy Services The concept of identifying as an introvert has received a great deal of public attention and curiosity in the last few years….


New FLSA Regulations… Is your Company Prepared?

By Kristina Dietrick, Creative Business Solutions The Department of Labor (DOL) has recently proposed changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act’s (FLSA) overtime regulations. These proposed changes include increasing the…


Tame The Beast Known As Ineffective Meetings

By Bob & Carol Boncella Washburn University The beast of “ineffective meetings” lurks within every organization, business or foundation. It is standard operating procedure for businesses to schedule meetings on…


Six Lifestyle Habits that Help Fight Depression

Issy Tait, LSCSW Valeo Outpatient Psychotherapy Services Healthy lifestyle habits can help both physical and mental health.  The following are 6 basic lifestyle components that help alleviate depression. Exercise Sunlight…

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ADHD/ADD in the Workplace

By Sarah Doyle, LMSW, Outpatient Psychotherapy Services Valeo Behavioral Health Care In recent years American’s have been rapidly encountering what is known as attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. This diagnosis directly impacts…

Unexpected at the Office: Random Acts of Kindness in the Workplace

By Laura Burton We hear about random acts of kindness all the time, like buying coffee for the person behind you in line, or cutting your neighbor’s grass. Sometimes, we…


Work Opportunity Tax Credit Under-utilized by Businesses

  Kassandra Griffin, CESP Workforce Development Specialist Valeo Behavioral Health Care The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is an under-utilized employer tax incentive to hire individuals with disabilities. This credit can…


How a ride-along can speed innovation and sales

By Martha Bartlett-Piland, MB Piland Advertising + Marketing What could you learn if you and your employees really rode along on your customer’s journey? It can definitely build your brand….