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6 Signs an employee may be experiencing a mental health problem

TK Business Expert Kristin C. Farley Valeo Behavior Health Care Absenteeism Employee calls in often or shows up late when they used to be dependable. Irritability Noticeable change in personality, has trouble getting…

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Q. As an employer, how do you know the difference between poor work ethic and a mental health problem?

TK Business Expert Kristin C. Farley, Program Manager Valeo Behavioral Health Care A. When an individual is experiencing a personal crisis or a mental health problem in the workplace, the signs are…


Boo-yah! What Navy SEALs know about training excellence

Written by Martha Bartlett Piland In many companies, training is a low priority. But every high performance organization acts differently. They're the ones who become legendary. Case in point: Navy…

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Multi-Generational Workforce

By Bob & Carol Boncella Today’s workforce is a convergence of multiple generations employed by businesses to produce a service or good. These groups often differ in their world views,…


A Guide to Proper Email Etiquette

By Kristina Dietrick, Creative Business Solutions In today's connected world, most employers have grasped the importance of email communications. Very rarely do we send letters or even communicate via telephone….



Education Linked to a Career By Kathy Webber It seems more often people are getting educated, but not finding a job to use that education.   The Kansas Department of Commerce…



Photo by Megan Rogers Photographie Happy Birthday!  “Oh My, “ I am having a birthday and turning 65! How can this be? I remember when my parents turned age 65!…