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YWCA 30th Anniversary Leader: MICHELLE DE LA ISLA

Michelle De La Isla Mayor of the City of Topeka Diversity and Inclusion Representative at Westar Energy Born of humble beginnings in New York, Mayor De La Isla faced many…


YWCA 30th Anniversary Leader: MARTHA BARTLETT PILAND

Martha Bartlett Piland President + CEO of MB Piland Advertising + Marketing Inventor of TRANSFORMOTION™ in a Box Author of “Culturing Creative” Martha Bartlett Piland, president + CEO, established MB…

Liz Steffen

YWCA 30th Anniversary Leader: LIZ STEFFEN

Liz Steffen Chief Financial Officer / Senior Vice President of IT for Envista Credit Union Liz Steffen is the Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President of IT at Envista Credit…

brain freeze

Brain Freeze

By Doug Sterbenz, Must Be Present to Win What was I thinking? A client hired me to deliver a keynote speech, so I planned the trip, prepared my speech, packed…


Last Word: Mayor Michelle De La Isla

In January, Michelle De La Isla became the first Hispanic mayor of Topeka. She previously served on the Topeka City Council representing the District 5 council seat and as the…


Organizational Core Values

By Dr. Thomas Underwood: Independent Educator and Consultant It is common for organizations to have a list of core values, statements of principles that have intrinsic worth. Core values serve…


Don’t Self Check – Your Emotions

By Doug Sterbenz, Must Be Present to Win There I was, up on stage speaking. It was a large audience and they were right there in front of me, but…


Who is Winning the Race

By Doug Sterbenz, Present to Win Leaders The greatest bicycle race in the world is happening this month. Check it out. It is on television every day, nearly all day….

Ink Shirt

Ink Spot Gone

By Doug Sterbenz, Must Be Present to Win So what happened at the end of Doug’s Ink Spot Story? People keep asking me, “What did you do about your flaw—the…

ink spot

Leaders Wanted – Perfection Not Required

By Doug Sterbenz, Present to Win Leaders Early in my career, I figured out that the people who got ahead were those who dressed well. They dressed up for the…