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Riding on the Shoulders

By Doug Sterbenz, Present to Win Leaders This weekend, along with an estimated half million other people from various backgrounds, I will make another trip to Indianapolis, Indiana. Why? Because…

new leader

A View Ahead: The New Team Leader

My wife jokes with me frequently about the stacks of books, magazines, newspapers, white papers, and research papers piled up high in my office. Lately those stacks have been mostly…

Phil Walton

Leadership is not for the fainthearted.

By Phil Walton, Leadership Expert & Professional Trainer Leadership Mpact Leadership is not for the fainthearted. There are many people who are in recognized leadership positions, and many who are…

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Leading Change

By Todd Averett, President Leading People Partners, LLC Are you doing business this year exactly the same way as you did business last year? Probably not. Most businesses and organizations…


How Problems Solve Themselves

Sometimes problems can fix themselves. Let me show you how that happens. My friend Ed was nearly a year older than the rest of us. He had a driver’s license…

Eric Stafford

Expert: Political Advocacy

By Eric Stafford, VP of Government Affairs for The Kansas Chamber What do shopping and lobbying have in common? Your first thought might be money if you’ve ever watched House…

Rich Drinon

Expert: Persuasive Communication

Be More Persuasive, Influential and Convincing By Rich Drinon, President of Drinon & Associates Whether you realize it or not, persuasion is often at work in your relationships with others….


Smelly Cat

By Doug Sterbenz, Present to Win What do you think of when you hear the words “smelly cat”? Most people think of that episode of Friends where Phoebe sings one…

Doug Sterbenz

The Third Kind of Presence

By Doug Sterbenz, Finally! NFL Football has resumed! Nearly everyone is excited about the start of NFL football. I love to watch football. However, I really love what football…


10 Leadership Characteristics All Leaders Should Strive to Improve

By Kristin Scott, MSM, PHR, CERP Human Resource Consultant Scott HR Hundreds of books and thousands of articles describe leadership characteristics and traits.  While most people would agree that the…