Business Growth: Leadership


How Leaders Change a Flat

By Doug Sterbenz Procrastination!  That’s easy to see in this picture. We put off until a later time what we should be doing right now. We convince ourselves it will…

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Multi-Generational Workforce

By Bob & Carol Boncella Today’s workforce is a convergence of multiple generations employed by businesses to produce a service or good. These groups often differ in their world views,…


Last Word: Keith Warta, Bartlett & West

TK: So, Keith give us skinny on you. KW: I am an engineer, a fourth generation K-Stater and I’ve been a part of Bartlett & West for three decades. Over…

Michael Hooper

What is True Leadership?

From the Trenches By Michael Hooper Americans are fond of worshipping leaders. They throw parties for them. They give them awards. They expect leaders to provide answers to profound questions….


Success is Messy

By┬áTara Dimick   I recently saw the picture above and it made me smile as I considered my own journey over the past 15 years. No matter what you deem…