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The Relationship between Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

By DR. DAVID PRICE Professor of Marketing and Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Washburn University Three inter-related concepts that each business owner should know and use. PART 4 of a 4-Part…

Washburn Jumpstart

JumpStart Kansas aims to provide support to entrepreneurs

Washburn University has partnered with the Kansas Department of Commerce to present entrepreneurs the opportunity to apply for an innovation grant to assist in the implementation of a new business…


Family Medicine Physician Bhavika Patel, M.D., Joins Cotton O’Neil Garfield

(Topeka, Kan., Sept. 25, 2017) ¬– Stormont Vail Health is proud to announce that Bhavika Patel, M.D., has joined our medical team and will practice as a family medicine physician….

monique pittman lui

Expert: Building a Brand via Events

Monique Pittman-Lui SPIRIT PRODUCTIONS, LLC Building relationships is always a good goal of business, and sharing an experience is the best way to build those relationships. Experiences build community and…


The customer journey starts with your employee journey

Written by Martha Bartlett Piland Marketers are spending a lot of time talking about the customer journey. We’re not hearing the same talk about the employee journey, and that’s a…


The Relationship Between Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Three inter-related concepts that each business owner should know and use. PART 1 of a 4-Part Series on Entrepreneurship By DR. DAVID PRICE Every business wants to stay ahead of…


The “Purple” Purple Cow

Written by Kelly Pierce, Chief Marketing Officer at Advisors Excel It’s quite possibly one of the most important items a restaurant has. No, I’m not talking about free refills or great…


Surviving a Social Media Disaster

It could happen at any company: an employee says something offensive on social media and you find yourself—and your brand—in the harsh glare of public scrutiny. What’s a leader to…


Branding Yourself

KNOW YOURSELF. Stacks is authentically friendly and passionate about what they do, and being exceptional, trustworthy and forward-thinking are their top priorities. This gives Stacks a foundation to build their…


Pokémon GO What?

By Aly Van Dyke Isn’t this whole Pokémon GO thing over? Probably. But not for long. The next hot smartphone app is right on its heels. This time, don’t miss…