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Power in a Simple Sign

By Tara Dimick, I was recently having dinner at The Pad Restaurant in North Topeka when this sign caught my eye.  Just south of the registers, it serves as a…

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No Time, No Reason, No Rhyme?

By Tim Kolling, Marketing Consultant WIBW 580 AM & 94 Country One of the hardest things businesses face, but spend very little time thinking about, is probably the most important…


Keep employees, board and customers in love long after they buy your brand

By Martha Bartlett Piland, MB Piland Advertising + Marketing People pay for your brand with their hard-earned money. They also pay with things they hold even dearer: their affection, their…


Reaching Digital Natives on Their Terms

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Social Media & Mobile Technology in the Business Environment

By Dr. Pamela J. Schmidt Washburn University In the book “Built to Change,” Edward E. Lawler and Christopher G. Worley (2008) outline a strategy for companies to survive and thrive…


Late to Twitter?

By Alissa Menke, Senior Digital Strategist, jhP Are you a late adopter of Twitter? Since Google announced plans to resume indexing Tweets in real-time searches, lots of people who have…


You’re not making it easy for me to do business with you

By Martha Bartlett Piland, MB Piland Advertising + Marketing Dear Community Banker X: Your technology is behind. Your ATM is dysfunctional and you don’t seem to care whether I can…


selling without listening: a 1-sighted equation

By Martha Bartlett Piland, MB Piland Advertising + Marketing Business process is important. Presenting and promoting options to customers is a necessity. But when brands focus too much on selling…


Why a sales contest can put your brand on dangerously thin ice

By Martha Bartlett Piland, MB Piland Advertising + Marketing Last week at a social event, I spoke with a man who works at a local community bank. I asked about…


Do I have that “new customer” smell?

By Alex Reilly, MB Piland Advertising + Marketing Or have you gotten used to me? Every employee at every institution should be sniffing out new ways to help me as…