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TK Business Live talks with Misty Kruger, Topeka Public Schools and Jennifer Kirmse, Topeka Independent Business Association, Chair

TK Live January 21st, 2018 Misty Kruger, Topeka Public Schools, Director of Communications Jennifer Kirmse, Topeka Independent Business Association, Chair


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Tara interviews Erik Evans with Envista Credit Union and Clayton Devlin with Devlin’s Wine and Spirits on this weeks TK Business Live. Erik Evans, Envista Credit Union, Manager of Business Services…

Doug Sterbenz

Don’t Have an Open Door Policy!

    Most leaders say they have an open-door policy. But how many people want to wear out the path from where they work to your office? Don’t just have…

Washburn Jumpstart

JumpStart Kansas aims to provide support to entrepreneurs

Washburn University has partnered with the Kansas Department of Commerce to present entrepreneurs the opportunity to apply for an innovation grant to assist in the implementation of a new business…



By Tara Dimick Regrets are the lost moments—The “could haves” and “should have.” The things you never want to look back on and know you missed an opportunity or made…

Continuing Education Outside of the Classroom

By PRISCILLA McINNES YE Area Director, NE KS & MO INCORPORATING ENTREPRENEURIAL EDUCATION into the classroom is key to helping students remain engaged in school and learn business basics that will…


The “Purple” Purple Cow

Written by Kelly Pierce, Chief Marketing Officer at Advisors Excel It’s quite possibly one of the most important items a restaurant has. No, I’m not talking about free refills or great…


Living a Limitless Life

7 STEPS FOR LIVING A LIMITLESS LIFE STEP 1: Get in the mindset When you wake up each day, set yourself up for success. If you enjoy a chaotic morning…