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Live Now

By Tara Dimick, My husband, Braden, took up motocross this year. Now let’s be real. He’s not old, but he’s no young pup either. And yes, I’ll admit this could…


Business Fundamentals of Golf

By Steve McDonald First Tee of Shawnee County Many of the best business entrepreneurs are not only avid golfers, but are also skilled at the art of advancing a business…


Tame The Beast Known As Ineffective Meetings

By Bob & Carol Boncella Washburn University The beast of “ineffective meetings” lurks within every organization, business or foundation. It is standard operating procedure for businesses to schedule meetings on…


Working through Grief

By Suz McIver, Midland Care Most of us spend a lot of time in the workplace—more than we do at home. We work closely together and our co-workers, in many…


Six Lifestyle Habits that Help Fight Depression

Issy Tait, LSCSW Valeo Outpatient Psychotherapy Services Healthy lifestyle habits can help both physical and mental health.  The following are 6 basic lifestyle components that help alleviate depression. Exercise Sunlight…

new leader

A View Ahead: The New Team Leader

My wife jokes with me frequently about the stacks of books, magazines, newspapers, white papers, and research papers piled up high in my office. Lately those stacks have been mostly…

Sarah D

ADHD/ADD in the Workplace

By Sarah Doyle, LMSW, Outpatient Psychotherapy Services Valeo Behavioral Health Care In recent years American’s have been rapidly encountering what is known as attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. This diagnosis directly impacts…



By Tara Dimick As a business coach and trainer, I work with individuals and groups on how to meet people where they are, how to eliminate distractions and objections to get…

Unexpected at the Office: Random Acts of Kindness in the Workplace

By Laura Burton We hear about random acts of kindness all the time, like buying coffee for the person behind you in line, or cutting your neighbor’s grass. Sometimes, we…

Rich Drinon

Expert: Persuasive Communication

Be More Persuasive, Influential and Convincing By Rich Drinon, President of Drinon & Associates Whether you realize it or not, persuasion is often at work in your relationships with others….