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2019 Cybersecurity Forecast for Kansas Businesses

Statistics show small to mid-size businesses are increasingly targets of cyber-attacks. Many will not recover from a successful attack. 20% of small to mid-sized organizations (SMBs) that experienced a successful…


Top 11 Tips on Protecting Yourself Online

By: Jerry Horton, Technology Director Passwords…we can’t live without them, but living with them gets harder every day. We need a password for everything; computers, smartphones, Wi-Fi networks, smart TVs,…

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5 things to love about virtualization

Virtualizing your IT environment makes it cheaper and easier to deploy new capabilities to your stakeholders. By concentrating your storage and compute on servers (often hosted by a cloud provider),…

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How can IT determine the optimal smartphone lifespan?

Smartphones don’t last forever. Here’s how organizations can determine their lifecycles to avoid security issues and keep smartphones functioning at peak performance. By Jack E. Gold Smartphone lifespans are increasing,…

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Prevent data loss in five easy steps

Prevent data loss in five easy steps We’re now living in the data economy, so you can’t afford to neglect the possibilities of employee actions causing data leakage. Sometimes this…

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Why Cloud Storage?

IT News Protecting your company’s data against threats like ransomware, phishing scams, and the latest cyber-attacks should be at the forefront of your IT strategy. However, what’s the best way…

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Endpoint security: How to protect your company

Protect your valuable data with endpoint security Modern technology presents a potential security nightmare for IT. Ransomware attacks and well-publicized cases such as the loss of a laptop with sensitive data…


How social engineering attacks have embraced online personas

Discover the extent to which attackers will go to plan social engineering attacks. Nick Lewis explains how the progression of threats is changing how we monitor social media. Nick Lewis (CISSP)…


How to develop a backup storage plan for your business

With storage being cheap and plentiful, SMBs process more data than ever before. It also means that loss of such data can hit the business hard in the hip pocket….

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Your Start-To-Finish Outdoor Contractor

A common misconception about professional landscaping companies is that all we do is cut grass and plant flowers. While we do enjoy the sight of well-manicured lawns and healthy landscape…