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Mobile security: The reality of malware … augmented

BY DENISE GIUSTO BILIĆ Originally, it was expected that mobile devices would evolve to become handheld computers with capabilities like any desktop. It is clear today that our smartphones and tablets…

Kate Fredrickson

Basic tips to avoid cybercrime

By Kate Frederickson, ISG Technology With people using the Internet for banking, shopping, socializing and everything in between, the risk of falling victim to a cybercrime scheme has never been more…


What to keep in mind when considering IT outsourcing

By Kate Fredrickson, ISG Technology Outsourcing IT needs is a good way for businesses to acquire the technical skills and resources they require without breaking the bank hiring in-house talent. Business…


Preventing Cyber Attacks in an Ever Changing Security Climate

By Miles Franz ISG Technology Cybercrime threatens businesses every minute of every day. These days, there’s no such thing as a typical target and all organizations are fair game. An increasingly…


The Evolution of the Text Message        

Kate Fredrickson

Big data causing big changes in the enterprise

By Kate Fredrickson, ISG Technology A lot of IT buzzwords get thrown around without there ever really being any context as to what the technology does for a business or…


Reaching Digital Natives on Their Terms

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Social Media & Mobile Technology in the Business Environment

By Dr. Pamela J. Schmidt Washburn University In the book “Built to Change,” Edward E. Lawler and Christopher G. Worley (2008) outline a strategy for companies to survive and thrive…


Late to Twitter?

By Alissa Menke, Senior Digital Strategist, jhP Are you a late adopter of Twitter? Since Google announced plans to resume indexing Tweets in real-time searches, lots of people who have…

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How to Teach Your Old Phone New Tricks

By Sue Buckley, Director of Connectivity and UC, ISG Technology Some would say the telephone has not changed much since AT&T was founded over a century ago.  About the only…