Desperation to Inspiration

tara1By Tara Dimick,

There is a Tony Robbins quote that says, “In life, you need either inspiration or desperation.” It is one of these two things that move us to change. If we are satisfied enough or if the pain of the situation is not that bad, we are often willing to let mediocracy go on forever, especially if it means that we won’t add more to our already busy schedules.

As I reflected on the community through the lens of desperation and inspiration, I began to view the changes occurring in our community a little differently. I realized that things in Topeka had finally gotten to the point of desperation a few years ago. People became fed up with mediocracy and the ongoing apathy for progress in our community.

So work began. Not quickly, because community change is not a fast process. Neither is it for the weak of heart or the impatient. Rather, community change is for the mighty that can see the vision and celebrate the small accomplishments to keep the fire alive.

As things have progressed and more people step up to the plate to invest in Topeka, work through the next phase of the community’s vision— Momentum 2022—and encourage others to share their ideas through projects like Top Tank, we are now moving out of desperation and into inspiration.

The hope for our community is alive. And with cranes recently in the air at Cyrus Hotel and FHLBank, we can visualize the progress that allows us to push back those negative thoughts like, “We’ve heard this all before and nothing happened.”

As individuals and businesses, we have the opportunity to encourage others to be excited about what the future of Topeka holds. We can embrace our local community, not just for the holidays (I hope you do spend your dollars locally), but also with every choice within our work and our personal life, every day.

With each opportunity, you have to purchase a product or service, ask yourself, “Could I do this local and help grow the community I love?”

You matter to the success of our community. Light the torch and be the inspiration.