From the Publisher: Squirrels


By Tara Dimick

ONE OF MY FAVORITE movies of all time is the 2009 Pixar film, “Up.” Not because of its beautiful storyline but rather because I felt this inner connection with the dog in the movie.

Yes, the dog.

He was a loyal and loving companion that was focused intently on what was most important—until he would see a squirrel. Then all was forgotten and his entire focus shifted to the squirrel.

Squirrels are everywhere, from the fires you spend your day putting out rather than focusing on the most critical work for your company, to the simple donut that sidetracks you from following your diet. We tend to gravitate to the “squirrels” when the going gets tough. These squirrels are busy work that makes us feel like we are accomplishing something, but they don’t change the game, nor do they help us make real progress or achieve the goals we have made for our company or ourselves.

What are your squirrels? Busy work? Shiny objects? Donuts? (Yes, I do happen to like donuts.)

What are your squirrels keeping you from accomplishing? What could you do, right now, to grow your business or improve your life?

Maybe it is time to see what we can accomplish if we just ignore the squirrels.