Human behavior can be the weak link in your cybersecurity

Irene Haws

By Irene Haws, Dynamic Computer Solutions of Topeka, Inc.

Human behavior can be the weak link in your cybersecurity. It is important to provide training for your employees to recognize tactics used by cybercriminals.

Just this morning a friend of mine told me about her printer going off at 2 am, and printing a graphic message that she knew nothing about. I told her, looks like your printer may have been hacked.

Wi-Fi enabled printers, e-mails, faxes, tablets, phones, laptop computers and desktop computers are all connected to the internet. “Smart” toys that utilize the internet to deliver recorded messages and many other IoT (Internet of Things) devices all utilize the internet. Many of these devices allow security software to be installed and should be protected. Tools like firewalls and antivirus software will defend you from threats, viruses and malware. But if employees unknowingly let the criminals in, your information could be at risk. Your business data could be compromised.

Recent ransomware attacks across the globe have made many of us more aware of the need to protect ourselves and our business from these cybercriminals.

Dynamic Computer Solutions of Topeka is passing along a free Cybersecurity Awareness Training offer by Eset. This is a self-paced training program that employees and individuals can take to be better informed and aware of the tactics used to put your information at risk. It would be a very good idea to take advantage of this free training.

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