In Search of The Fountain of Youth – Center for Manual Medicine



As people age, persistent pain can be a common problem that may keep them from living a full life. Doctors at the Center for Manual Medicine are working with new techniques to improve motion and foster the ability to resume normal activity.

Studies show that a multifaceted combined approach to pain management leads to patients faring much better.

CMM“Spinal manipulation is in the mix and it works well in combination with therapy and regenerative orthopedics,” said Dr. Mark Penn, a chiropractor and rehabilitation specialist at the Center for Manual Medicine.

These methods, according to Dr. Penn, when done together, will lead to patients who are happier and will feel better longer. In addition to offering traditional chiropractic services, doctors at the Center for Manual Medicine are using more cutting edge technology.

Dr. Doug Frye, a musculoskeletal specialist, offers regenerative orthopedics, or regenerative injections. Stem cells are harvested from fat tissue or bone marrow and then injected into the affected area to help joints, tendons and ligaments heal. Dr. Frye said that the healing cells, like platelets, work at healing the area that is causing pain.

“I’ve been doing it for 15 years now,” Dr. Frye said. “With the injection, you’re trying to create an inflammatory response.”

By adding new treatment options and educating patients about regenerative medicine, the Center for Manual Medicine has seen an increase in patients seeking this new treatment. The clinic recently underwent renovation and expanded to have more rehabilitation rooms and therapy rooms.