In Search of THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH – CryoX Whole Body Cryotherapy



Pain management can be handled in a variety of ways, but many people are looking for fixes that veer off the path of traditional remedies. CryoX, which opened last October, provides a different and somewhat chilly way of bringing relief.

“It tricks your body to think that it’s freezing to death,” said owner Eric Buckman. “It takes the blood from your extremities and sends it to your core. This helps to flush out toxins.”

cryoxCryotherapy has been used medically for years in Europe as a treatment for pain. It uses freezing temperatures in a chamber to deaden inflamed joints as well as provide dermatological relief. Similarly, athletes have been using ice as therapy for years. However, with CryoX, people don’t have to sit in the ice. A mere 3-minutes in a CryoX session yields the same effect as traditional ice baths.

When Buckman, who is a corporate banker in Topeka, met Heather Keener, she was experiencing severe chronic pain issues that took her to the Mayo Clinic for treatment. She thought there had to be a better way to manage pain, and that’s when she discovered Cryotherapy. As time passed, she found that not only was cryotherapy helping to manage her pain, but it also provided other health benefits. That’s when Keener and Buckman teamed-up to share this new therapy with Topeka.

Keener says cryotherapy has also been proven to help with the look and feel of the skin. CryoX has two cryotherapy chambers and a machine that also does cryotherapy facials.

“[The machine] shoots out cold air that smooths and tightens the skin on your face; it’s refreshing,” Keener said.

Aside from the rejuvenating feeling it provides, freezing therapy also helps reset the body. According to Keener, if cryotherapy is used regularly, it can have longterm effects. Cryotherapy at CryoX isn’t just for pain; it helps with inflammation, stress and the look and feel of skin.