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This increased demand by consumers of all ages for more minimally invasive cosmetic procedures has facilitated the rise of the medical spa industry as a subset of the plastic surgery industry. Medical spas help clients achieve desired results through a more methodological approach. Consumers are eager to try new treatments that aren’t quite as invasive, or expensive.

The industry has experienced explosive growth nationwide. In 2013, it was a $1.9 billion industry, according to a study by Marketdata Enterprises, Inc. It is projected to grow 18 percent each year, and sales are expected to hit $3.6 billion in 2017.

Topeka is no exception. Consumers have an increasing number of medical spas to choose from where they can get Botox, fillers, chemical peels, tattoo removal, micropigmentation (permanent make-up), or varicose vein treatment, among other treatments. While many of these are standalone clinics, some medical offices such as KMC Dermatology & Medspa and Ricks Advanced Dermatology & Skin Surgery now offer a medical spa in addition to their other services.

RicksRicks Advanced Dermatology provides basic dermatological services and skin surgery, but has now added Radiance Medical Spa to offer consumers the latest in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures.

“I wanted to get into the medical spa,” Dr. Matthew Ricks said. “But I wasn’t expecting to make such a big leap.”

Dr. Ricks has worked with a large hospital in the area for many years, but decided now was the time to expand his own practice and provide services that patients are demanding. As is customary at most medical spas, the services offered at Radiance are performed by nurses and aestheticians. Dr. Ricks is available to help address the needs of each patient and match them up to services that will suit their individual needs.

The medical spa has only been open a short time, but Dr. Ricks said business is growing steadily.

“We get a lot of word-of-mouth referrals and we’ve had a few open houses to get more information to the community,” Dr. Ricks said.