JA of Kansas Topeka Business Hall of Fame

CoverBy Lisa Loewen
Photos by Rachel Lock Photography

Laureates inducted into the Junior Achievement of Kansas Topeka Business Hall of Fame exemplify leadership qualities that set them apart as successful business leaders in the community.  These individuals have not only proven their success in business, but have also played an instrumental role in shaping Topeka’s vision for a stronger community.

Not one of this year’s business hall of fame laureates was born in Topeka.  Not one of them attended school in Topeka.  In fact, not one of them ever planned to live in Topeka.  But as fate would have it, Topeka chose them, and they embraced the opportunities they found here.

Each laureate has a different reason for coming to Topeka, but they all have something in common—they fell in love with the people here.  As a result, each one of these business professionals chose to devote time and resources to making Topeka a better place to live and work.

Andrew Corbin

Neil Dobler

Dick Pratt

Eugene Williams