African American Builders of Topeka: Jack Alexander

Former Topeka Water Commissioner and
Kansas Corporate Commission appointee

Kansas Historical Foundation.
Board of Directors

AFRI“Every day is a good day.”
—Jack Alexander

I never expected to be in politics. I was a member of the Union during my career at Goodyear. I would say being part of the Union gave me my political education. I learned how to negotiate and listen. The Union PAC was actively involved in politics in Topeka. It was really strong in the 1970s. A city commissioner had vacated his position and a person had to be appointed. The Union submitted my name. After that ended, I officially ran for office.

Many times in my life, other people kicked the door down; I had the skills to go through.

In many of the positions I have had, I was the first Black person to hold them. I want people to say instead, I am the person that holds the office that “happens to be Black”.