Last day for feedback on the new City of Topeka flag approaches quickly


January 15th is the last day to provide feedback on the final four flag designs for the new City of Topeka flag.  Our initiative is aiming to collect a thousand comments of feedback prior to the deadline.

Feedback can be submitted at Help us get to our goal please!

We’d also like to remind folks submitting feedback:

  • NONE of the four finalist designs will be the final flag. We will be using feedback provided to create one final design that will incorporate the best features. The final flag will be rendered by a group of local, professional marketing/graphic designers.
  • ZERO City or County money was spent for this project. It’s 100% organized and executed by Forge volunteers.

Flag-Design-4-300x180 Flag-Design-3-300x180 Flag-Design-2-300x180 Flag-Design-1-300x180