NOTO Arts and Antique Festival – Date Announced

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The NOTO Arts and Antique Festival is scheduled for March 15 – 16, 2019 in the NOTO Arts and Entertainment District. The festival will feature exhibitors of both arts and antiques at the Great Overland Station, presentations and demonstrations on an array of topics throughout the NOTO district, and specials at many of the retail shops and restaurants. “There’s a cultural shift happening within the Art and Antique industry, and the ingredients right now are the perfect catalyst for change. Fairs and similar events have become increasingly important, and NOTO has been ahead of the curve for a while. The Art & Antique Festival will display fine art and eclective antiques, giving buyers a chance to capitalize on the opportunity” says event chairperson Staci Dawn Ogle.
Artists and antique collectors interested in exhibiting can view information about the festival, exhibit sizes and prices, and register at Exhibitors can also call the NOTO Arts Center at (785) 408-8996.