The Great Outdoors: A Fish Tale

Shumway Boat 3Catdaddy’s Catfishing Adventures

Photo by ADAM COLE

From the most experienced cat fishing experts in Kansas to those who have never so much as picked up a rod, Catdaddy’s Catfishing Adventures is the place to be for catfishing in Topeka. The reason is simple: Catdaddy himself.

Renne Shumway has been running this catfishing business passionately for decades. Raised in his father’s bait and tackle shop right here in Topeka, Shumway credits this upbringing for the reason fishing is in his blood. He deals in catfish, nothing else, no exceptions.

“The river’s got a calling for some people, and it was a callin’ me,” Shumway said.

People of all ages, from all places, come to fish with Catdaddy. He attributes this loyal following to both the abundant number of great fishing locations around the area and the time-honored tradition of fishing.

“It’s just like my dad said, ya’ know? It’ll be this way forever,” Shumway said. “The young and the old. They all wanna go fishin’.”

Catdaddy1Catdaddy will not only show you how and where to catch those prize catfish, he will also show you how to cook them, sharing special recipes passed down through his family. From selecting specific bait for each location, to helping people learn the patience of fishing, Catdaddy’s lifetime of fishing experience comes into play. And his fish stories aren’t too shabby either.

Shumway says he is always open to expanding the business if the need arises, but for now, he is just enjoying sharing his catfishing knowledge with others. Those who spend the day with Catdaddy will likely finish with some delicious catfish to take home for dinner. Shumway will clean the fish at no extra cost and there’s no need to bring any gear, not even fishing poles. Everything you need is supplied. So long as you have the desire to catch some catfish, Catdaddy will make it happen.