the pitch: Kristen Kogl

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Durable and Environmentally Friendly Dental Floss Holder

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Kristen Kogl
Senior, Washburn University

“It takes a large amount of will, time, flexibility, knowledge, and guts to think through a business idea and bring it from your imagination to reality.”
– Kristen Kogl

How did you come up with the idea?
The idea came about while using a product that was already on the market for convenient flossing, but the idea of using a one-inch string for all your teeth on a floss pick seemed… well, unhygienic. I went from the suspicion of floss picks being unhygienic to finding out that they are, indeed, ineffective due to bacteria building up on the string and being pushed back up into the gums, which contributes to cavities and gum disease. From there, I knew there was a real need in this market.

What was the most difficult part of designing your product?
Overall, I would say the prototyping process would be the most difficult part because it takes the most time, and it is easy to hit a road block, especially when the product is very complex or delicate.

Do you plan to patent, produce and sell your product?
I do plan to patent, produce, and sell this product. After finalizing the design and contacting a plastic manufacturing plant, I will reach consumers through a website to gain my first customers and feedback for the first two years. Depending on the growth of the company during that time, I will then consider taking my product to retail stores or going through other B2B distribution channels once I am established in the market.

Do you see yourself as an inventor or an entrepreneur?
Entrepreneur. I believe an inventor and an entrepreneur are similar in striving to create a solution to a problem; however entrepreneurs differ because of their specific skill set to commercialize their invention.


the pitch

Kristen Kogl
Durable and Environmentally Friendly Dental Floss Holder

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