The Power of Two Words

By Tara Dimick

tara1If you are anything like me, you get constant advice—from family, friends, even Facebook. I have discovered that some of the best advice comes in the form of just two simple words. Words that can play over and over in my head like a broken record reminding me and guiding me on what is important in building success.

Pat Gideon of Silver Lake Bank gave me these two words of advice as I started my business and acquired TK Business Magazine. I doubt he even remembers saying it to me, but those two words have added fuel to my work ethic, driven my company to grow, and inspired purpose behind our decisions.
When you do more than your competition, more than the customer expects, more for your community, more than you thought you could do, success follows.

If you were at the 2016 Junior Achievement of Kansas Topeka Business Hall of Fame event in March, you heard these two words, “Be Sexy,” from Hall of Fame Laureate Eugene Williams of KTWU. Being sexy in business happens when you go above and beyond for the customer to give them what they didn’t even know they wanted.
I see being sexy as that wow factor, the emotional response that keeps a customer or client coming back for more.

At a meeting regarding the economic growth for Topeka and Shawnee County, CEO of Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce and GO Topeka Matt Pivarnik arrived wearing a suit that might have been made from couch upholstery—it was a bold wardrobe choice, to say the least. Matt said he had never worn this head-to-toe plaid suit in Topeka, even though it is his favorite because he was playing it safe. But Matt’s vision for Topeka is bold, and he decided it was time for him to personally embody that vision—by putting on the suit, wearing it with pride, and encouraging Topeka to be bold.
Businesses that win create products, services, and cultures that are bold, and by doing so, they are innovative and lead the competition. Businesses that thrive never settle for status quo.

Be Bold. Be Sexy. Do More.